“HOLLYWOOD HOUSE” Become Reality, as a New Book is Released!

Hollywood House Front Bookcover 3

A cover shot of the book which will be released in March by Amazon and Kindle eBook.

Late last year, I made the announcement to my Facebook friends that the book project I’ve been working on for many years was in the finishing stages.

This has been a 16-year journey for me. It all started back in 2005 when I participated in a worker’s writing and photography course in Syracuse, NY. After the official exhibition, I got the writing bug. After moving to Canada in late 2008, I developed a story originally as a screenplay during my time in-between TV gigs. I worked on the project off and on whenever I had some spare time. I attempted to shop it around to talent agents and enter it into screenplay competitions.

It was only after the devastating breakup of my friendship last year that made me re-evaluate where I was going in life, and I decided to re-commit and finally get the project finished. I converted the screenplay into novel form and with the help of a few experienced authors, I was able to complete my project.

So today, I’m proud to announce that the release of my book, “HOLLYWOOD HOUSE”, will be published next month. With the help of Kindle Direct Self-Publishing, my dream of becoming a published author is coming true. The book has been submitted for release and pre-order thru Amazon.com and by Kindle eBook.

After hiding my project for the longest time, I can finally tell everyone what the book is all about.

This is the story of two teenagers. One, a shy new kid on the block. The other, a basketball jock and a rapper emcee. Both of these kids are growing up in a racially charged world, and they have high-hopes of making it big in an underground music genre that will be later known as “hip-hop”.

1146726_10201788091766665_1385168526_nNow, if my Uniondale, Long Island Facebook family is familiar with the name “Hollywood House”, then yes! It is based on the actual DJ’s that used to play house parties and jam sessions in the late 70’s. The book, however is a fictional account of life during that moment in time.  For everyone else unfamiliar with how DJ’ing in the late 70’s was like, “Hollywood House” will resonate with anyone who had a dream in high school and made a naïve attempt at making it happen.

The photo on the left is me working on the turntables in my basement back on Long Island.  We put together a makeshift DJ set-up.  I had a set of speakers, a receiver and a turntable.  My friends Chip and Cleveland threw in a mixer and a microphone.  We all would take our records and match two of each, then sample a certain “break part” for hours.  We played house parties and jam sessions during those times, and of course, there were issues with personality conflicts among us.  We lasted a year and a half before going our separate ways.  I stuck with the communications side of the business, creating “Smooth Jazz and More” in 2001.


I just received a PROOF copy of the book to look it over and make sure there aren’t any issues with printing, spelling and formatting. (Note the ‘Not for Resale’ stripe on the book.) I hope to have this ready by March 17, which would have been my mother’s 80th birthday.

In publishing my book, I’m reminded of the story of how Motown Records was created. It’s founder, Berry Gordy was determined to succeed when major record labels wouldn’t give him a chance. The lead singer of the Miracles, Smokey Robinson once said to him, “Why work for the man, when YOU can be the man.” The rest, they say, is history.

Now comes the hard part, marketing and promotion. As an independent author and working with an independent publisher, I’ll be responsible for getting the word out about “HOLLYWOOD HOUSE” thru advertising. It’s gonna be an incredible ride and I hope you’ll join me by purchasing my book.

Peace, out!


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