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Beyond the Music, Irene Cara’s Career Struggled To The End.

When she began to question the music industry’s ‘standards and practices’, her career struggled to the end. Continue reading

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US Congress Recognizes Hip-Hop Music, History Project To Be Created in the Bronx.

Late last month, the US Senate passed by unanimous consent, S.331, a resolution designating today, August 11, 2021, as ‘‘Hip-Hop Celebration Day’’ and designated the month of August as ‘‘Hip-Hop Recognition Month’’. In addition, the US Senate also designated November … Continue reading

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Celebrating 20 Years of Internet Radio Broadcasting

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever thought I’d be doing this for 20 years.  Continue reading

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Kazakhstani Rapper and Artists From Other Countries Shows How Far Rap Music Has Gone Internationally

Upon listening, I was stunned to hear that (Scriptonite) was rappin’ in his native language…Russian! Continue reading

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“HOLLYWOOD HOUSE” Become Reality, as a New Book is Released!

I’m proud to announce that the release of my new book, “HOLLYWOOD HOUSE”, will be published in March. Continue reading

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Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting Concerts and Festivals World-Wide.

It’s unknown just how much money will be lost by the cancellations of concerts and festivals world-wide, but it’s estimated to be in the billions.   Continue reading

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How Big is “Too Big”? UMG Fire Shows the Danger When Corporations Gobble Up Small Labels

Hundreds of artists were affected by a 2008 fire at Universal Music Group’s that destroyed the original masters of music that were recorded from the 1940’s to the 2000’s. Record labels affected included Decca, Chess, Impulse, ABC, MCA, Geffen, Interscope … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Torontocast Begins Geo-Blocking Listeners in the United States

I, too, thought about hanging it up after 17 and a 1/2 years of broadcasting.  But decided not to.  That’s is exactly what corporate broadcasters want…less competition.  So, we’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.    Continue reading

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Lots of events happening at our Website this Fall!

Greetings smooth jazz listeners!  Hope your summer was bright and festive.  We’re coming up on the fall months and the beginning of new events taking place. First is the return of “Smooth’s NFL Football Picks”.  Our annual series of predictions … Continue reading

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Smooth Jazz and More Interviews Returns with an Interview with ThreeStyle

Magdalena, along with twin sister and drummer, Gabriela and guitarist Robert make up the Germany-based group.  The new CD is their seventh release since their start in 2010. Continue reading

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