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New Music Video – “Damn, Damn, Damn”

So it’s snowing outside, and I’m stuck at home.  What am I to do?  Well, I took my editing talents to work at home and created something pretty cool.  I’ve always wanted to do something creatively with a song I’ve enjoyed in the … Continue reading

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Music Interlude From Pat Metheny

Here’s a musical interlude from Grammy award winning jazz guitarist, Pat Metheny. From his 1987 release, “Still Life (Talking)”, here’s “Last Train Home” featuring some beautiful steam engine trains. The album won a Grammy award for Best Jazz Fusion Performance. … Continue reading

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We’re #37!! (In Health Care)

This is a cool video someone forwarded to me. Written and sung by Paul Hipp.

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Kanye West: Please, Shut The Fuck Up!!!

Every time I hear about this Kanye West guy, he’s either causing a ruckus at an airport or saying some gobedy-guck at a charity benefit on television. But last night’s MTV Video Awards show was the last straw for me. … Continue reading

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My Favorite Michael Jackson Song Of All Tme!

Everyone has their own favorite Michael Jackson song. Beat It. Billie Jean. Bad. Wanna Be Starting Somethin Ben Rockin Robin You’ll get a lot of people telling you what theirs is. Out of all the song he did in his … Continue reading

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Pat Metheny Group – Follow Me!

I’m blogging from Canada today!! Found this live concert of the Pat Metheny Group on YouTube. It’s from their release, Imaginary Day. The track is called, “Follow Me!” Enjoy!

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Ads Pulled From Black Entertainment Television!

Finally, Madison Avenue is taking notice! According to, several advertisers have pulled spots from programs on BET due to it’s violent and suggestive content. According to the Web site, advertising from Proctor and Gamble, Pepsi and General Motors were … Continue reading

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