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After The Dust Has Settled…

For me, it was a blessing. I can only thank God for that. It tells me that my work isn’t finished yet.

There is still work to be done…more goals to be reached. Continue reading

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Canadian Satellite TV Customers "Nickel & Dimed" To Death!

I’m this close to getting rid of Bell TV. I’m just not impressed with their satellite TV service. It seems like every channel I come across that I want, you have to pay extra to get it. For instance, TSN2 … Continue reading

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Who Worse? Cablevision or Fox

Cable TV viewers are once again getting screwed! Two of the richest companies in broadcasting are in disagreement over how much money should be paid out. Fox has pulled it’s on-air signal over a programming fee dispute with Cablevision. 3 … Continue reading

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Fox/Time Warner Dispute Could Be What Awaits Canadian Cable Viewers!

Money & greed is ruling a dispute between a cable company and a programmer. In this case, it’s the Fox Network and Time-Warner Cable. Fox’s carriage contract with TWC expires on Thursday at midnight. If no agreement is reached, Fox … Continue reading

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How Cable TV Should Be!

Right now, subscribers pay more than $80 dollars a month for cable television. Most of the programming is forced upon them by the cable TV operators due to “bundling” channels. There’s a push in Washington to force the cable companies … Continue reading

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Starting a New Job Tomorrow!

I’m pleased to announce that I will be starting a new phase in my television career, as I start work with Rogers TV in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Last week, I accepted their position as Live Eye Coordinator. My duties will … Continue reading

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Say NO To The Proposed Merger Between Comcast and NBC!

The mega-merger of Comcast and NBC is bad news for consumers. It spells higher prices, fewer choices and less innovation. But Washington and Wall Street have already bought into the idea that it’s a done deal. That’s why “Smooth Jazz … Continue reading

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