In being convicted, Bill Cosby lost whatever credibility he had left.


This week, Bill Cosby was convicted by a jury of drugging sexually assaulting a woman 14 years ago. It was one of dozens of allegations by women against the long time comedian and media mogul of the last 50 years.

I wrote a blog a number of years ago on the subject, basically recommending his to “stay silent”.  But a jury believed the victim and found enough evidence to convict.   No doubt, this conviction may be the first of many Cosby will see in the next couple of years, providing the 80 year old will be able to be confronted with.

Whether the rest of those allegations are true or not, this conviction provides a solid foundation for others to come forward.  Now, I know some people will call this unfair, that the allegations are too old and that the statute of limitations have run out.  Some have even pulled the “race card” out.

I just find it hypocritical, and rather ironic for Cosby to even have the moral high ground to criticize people on their language, knowing that for years, he was allegedly performing these unspeakable acts on many of the victims.

Every incident involving the comedian should be based upon the merits of the individual cases, which would include the motives of the victims.    But ultimately, it’s Cosby alone who should have known better.

I’m reminded of what comedian Eddie Murphy said about Cosby 30 years ago when he was confronted by him on his use of profanity in his stand-up.  Ironically, Cosby said that Murphy was a bad role model on his children.

Let that sink in.


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