Wanna Do Something About Sinclair TV Propaganda? It’s Easy! TURN IT OFF!


The story this week is the mass propaganda promo made by 66 different TV news stations by right-wing corporate broadcasting giant, Sinclair.  The behemoth calls out “one-sided news stories,” and accused “some media outlets” of publishing “fake stories without checking facts first.” In essence, the company handed out a script questioning what they call “Fake News” and had their anchors read it as copy.  As a result, all 66 TV stations that recorded it made its anchors seem like they were mindless robots.

This is the same Sinclair that in 2004, forced it’s affiliates to air anti-John Kerry propaganda during the final days of the presidential election, to which, George W. Bush won.  Donald Trump weighed in on the controversy saying, “Sinclair is far superior to CNN and even more Fake NBC,” in a tweet this morning.  But let’s face it.  There’s no question that this stunt is nothing but propaganda, disguised as news.

There’s only one way to stop this type of propaganda, and that’s in the pocketbook.  Sinclair owns or operates 173 stations across the country, mostly in small and medium-sized markets.  But the company is currently in the process of acquiring Tribune Media, which will give Sinclair access to the nation’s Top 7 markets.

By refusing to watch Sinclair TV stations, you cut into their bottom line.  Now, some people will say that by calling a boycott, you’ll be hurting their employees.  Well, I say that the employees, specifically the anchors who read the copy on the teleprompter, knew exactly what they were doing.  By participating in this propaganda scheme, they’re complicit in the efforts to fool the viewing public.  People need to take a stand on news ethics and what constitutes journalistic integrity.  What Sinclair is doing is right out of Josef Goebbels propaganda playbook.  “If you lie enough times, the people will believe it”.

I refuse to allow it to happen.  None of us can!

Click the link below to see which stations are in the Sinclair family and boycott the station and their advertisers.  Because after all, Sinclair is only out for the almighty dollar.


Just some of the stations Sinclair owns. More below in the link.

List of Sinclair TV Stations.


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