! The AM Sports Beat Ends its Two Year Experiment.


Changes are coming to Smooth Jazz and More.

After 2 years, the AM Sports Beat ends its broadcast run on March 5th.  If you’re a long time listener to our Internet radio station, you may remember the sports segment during our time at Radionomy.  Initially, it was an experiment, designed to complement Radionomy’s news and weather reports.  After our move to SoniXcast, we continued the AM Sports Beat with the hope that we would be able to find a similar news service.  Unfortunately, no news services are available without bursting our budget.  In light of this,  we’ve decided to discontinue the sports segment.  We thought it would be appropriate to end the series after the Winter Olympics.  It was a great two year run and who knows?  If we find another news service available, the AM Sports Beat will return. As for Smooth’s NFL Football Picks, the series will return in September at the beginning for football season.

Another change.   We’re also restarting our podcast series, “Smooth Jazz and More Interviews”.   We’ll be interviewing some of the big names in smooth jazz.  Listen to previews on the air within the coming months.  Previous podcasts are available on iTunes.  Subscribe for free.

Finally, you’re probably wondering what’s been happening on our radio station stream over the last few weeks.  Well, there’s been a lot if technical difficulties with SoniXcast.  We’ve had a number of disruptions and frequent moments of dead air.  We decided that we can no longer continue there. We moved over to a new broadcast provider called, Torontocast.  Their servers are in Canada and we’ve been testing it out free for a month.  We’re so impressed that we’ve decided move our broadcast stream over for a 6 month run. We’re looking forward to a much more stable platform for our internet radio station.

Unfortunately, with the move, the new broadcast stream won’t be available on the iTunes radio directory.  iTunes has discontinued new and updated streams on their directory.  As a result, the stream will end on iTunes on March 15.  However, you can listen to Smooth Jazz and More with our exclusive Nobex Partners app.  It’s free.   You can also listen on TuneIn and dozens of other listener directories.  Of course, you can always listen on our website at






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I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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