Smooth Jazz and More Moves Its Internet Stream to SoniXcast This Fall.


On September 1st, Smooth Jazz and More will be moving its internet broadcast stream to SoniXCast.

The current situation at Radionomy has made it unbearable for us to do our job properly.  The loss of US listeners on our NobexPartners app combined with the lack of transparency from Radionomy management on continuous technical issues became the final straw for us.  While we’re grateful for Radionomy to allow us to use their servers to broadcast. The constant technical issues leaves us no choice but to take charge of our stream.

Bottom line, we have to protect our brand.

Our new stream address will be available within the next 48 hours.  The Radionomy stream will continue to be available until August 31st or unless the total listener hours per day goes under 130 TLH by the end of the month.  Our new stream is also available for listeners in the United States at our Nobex Partners radio app.

We’ve also decided to purchase a radio broadcasting software called SAM Broadcaster PRO.  This new software will enable us to broadcast more effectively, and will also give us the ability to broadcast live, something we never have done in our 16 year history.

With the move comes the following changes.

  • Radionomy’s morning and afternoon news and weather reports will be discontinued as of September 1st.

Obviously we’re unable to take Radionomy News reports with us to SoniXcast, and to be honest, we’ve found the service to be woefully inadequate and slanted to a center-right position.  However, we’re looking for an alternative news and weather substitute.  Agencies such as the Associated Press and the Canadian Press charge astronomical fees to use their service.  Unless we decide on a sales department, there’s no way we will be able to purchase a news and weather agency service.

  • Sports reports will continue weekday mornings at :15 and: 45 past the hour from 5am to 10am Eastern.

This is in anticipation of the season premiere of “Smooth’s Football Picks” on September 7th, broadcasting for the 2nd year in a row and the 9th year overall.  You can read our NFL picks at our blog at Smooth’s Football Picks here at WordPress.

  • WIN News Updates will also continue to be broadcast at it’s regularly scheduled times (10:30am, 2:30pm and 6:30pm eastern).
  • Our Twitter feed will slow down considerably, as we will no longer have the ability to let you know about what songs are currently available at the exact moment.

We will still give you updated on the latest adds by smooth jazz artists.

  • Our stream will be temporarily unavailable on iTunes until we add it on our own. We will also look to re-add our stream in Tunein in the near future. 
  • SoniXcast’s servers will be based in Canada, making “Smooth Jazz and More” a Canadian internet radio station.

The yearly cost at SoniXcast also includes royalties paid to SOCAN, the Canadian equivalent of ASCAP in the United States.

The move doesn’t come cheap.   The new software costs $300 dollars and our new broadcast home at SoniXcast will cost $93 dollars a year.

With that said, it’s now more important than ever to help support Smooth Jazz and More.  There are two ways to help.  First, you can contribute to our GoFundMe fundraising campaign.   In the last two years, we were received $700 dollars in donations to help offset the cost of our administrative fees.  We thank everyone who have contributed.

You can also help by purchasing items from our gift store at Café Press.  Of any item you purchase at the store, 20% percent goes back to us.

We’re in yet another phase in the evolution of ‘Smooth Jazz and More’.  From our humble beginnings at Live365, to our abrupt move to Radionomy and now to our new home at SoniXcast, we’re continuing to take shape and make our Internet radio station your source for independently produced broadcast radio.


About smoothjazzandmore

I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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