3rd Party Radio Apps Prevented by Radionomy to USA Listeners.

Radionomy logo

The latest debacle in the Radionomy saga is that listeners in the United States have had access limited to their favorite radio stations via 3rd party radio apps, such as Orange, Streema and Nobex.  Listeners on those radio apps were greeted with a message that, “…this radio station can be heard on radionomy.com.”

Listeners in the United States can still access the radio station via our webstream at smoothjazzandmore.com.  They can also listen to Smooth Jazz and More via the iTunes internet radio directory on their computer.  I’m not experiencing any problems, as I’m currently listening to my radio station in Canada. But if you’ll remember, last year we had a similar issue when they first rolled out the geo-block. Canada was blocked, along with a number of other countries. After two weeks, the block was taken off for Canada, but they left it for countries currently prohibited. Seeing that Radionomy always seem to do things just as the weekend approaches, we’re not likely to get any kind of response or resolution from Radionomy until at least Monday, if any response at all.

It’s pure speculation, but this may be because of a dispute with ASCAP.  The performance rights organization represents songwriters and ensures they get paid for songs played on radio, TV and other media sources.  The organization alerted internet radio producers via email that they were unable to come to an agreement with Streamlicensing and that they would have obtain licensing thru ASCAP or another source before July 31.

That being said, I did put in a word to Vivendi and Universal Music’s PR staff via email and Twitter, asking if they are aware of the issues at Radionomy, since they own 64.4% percent of the company and what they intend on doing about it. I’ll probably get the usual “crickets”, but it’s worth a try. I encouraged all other radio broadcasters do the same.

Right now, moving back to Live365 is not an option for me, as they’re not international, and other streaming services are way out of my price range.

It’s “sink or swim” for me. This is it.

Hang on, the ride is just starting.


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I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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