Technical Issues Cause a Re-direct on our Radionomy Stream

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It’s gone from bad to worse for Internet radio broadcast provider, Radionomy.  Producers have now been forced to deal with a re-direct on Internet radio stations from certain countries.  This has caused a major headache for producers, who have seen a number of issues rise over the last week.

Just last weekend, Radionomy voluntarily turned off their stations on TuneIn within the United States.  This resulted in Nobex Partners to follow suit and block Radionomy stations from their radio app in the US.  As a result, our app launch with Nobex was delayed.

Right now, listeners in Canada, Russia, Japan, The Philippines, South Africa,The Netherlands, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand are experiencing problems with the stream.  Listeners in the United States hasn’t been affected by the re-direct. This is especially troublesome with some producers who program Gospel music and are shocked by the sounds of Lounge music.

Because of a 4 day holiday in Belgium, where servers are located, the issue won’t be resolved until Monday at the earliest. Not a good way to run a business.  But then again, Radionomy streams are provided to producers for free.

You get what you pay for, or in this case, what you don’t pay for.

Smooth Jazz and More has temporarily added a link from YourMuze.FM listeners outside the United States on its website.  The link will open up a special webplayer where listeners can hear the station.

Listeners within the US:


UPDATE: 5-9-2016

It’s almost Tuesday and producers at Radionomy are pissed.  There has been NO guidance whatsoever from Radionomy’s upper management or tech support.  Many have thrown in the towel.  Some continue to hold out hope that a solution or a resolution will be done.

We’ve adjusted our website to where listeners in countries affected by the re-direct can listen to Smooth Jazz and More.  Click the link to YourMuze.FM at our website as an alternate radio player.  In the meantime, we’re going to be re-starting our GoFundMe campaign in order to look for a new broadcast provider and to pay for broadcast licencing.  We’ll have an official list of items we’ll need in order to proceed.

Stay tuned!


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I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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3 Responses to Technical Issues Cause a Re-direct on our Radionomy Stream

  1. lnt1225 says:

    As moderator on the Radionomy board i would like to be precise. We’ve been informed by the team that a communication about all “theses events” would be done on early next week.

    Some see these events as issues, but perhaps these are not!

    I will not argue on it the decision is good or not, but it seem necessary during theses negocating days.


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