TuneIn Removes Radionomy Radio Stations on its Network; New Radio App Currently in Development



Internet radio listeners were given another black eye by the music industry.

At approx. 9:30pm eastern daylight time (-4 GMT) on Friday night, Internet radio network TuneIn dropped all stations from Belgium-based, Radionomy.  This was a direct result of the lawsuit between Radionomy and Sony Music.   In March, Sony had filed suit against Radionomy in US District Court in San Francisco for alledged non-payment of music royalties.  For the last couple of weeks, TuneIn had been sending take down notices on behalf of Sony to individual radio stations along Radionomy’s network.  Sony’s strong armed tactics on TuneIn was enough for them to act on today’s actions.

Listeners can still access Radionomy stations on TuneIn manually, by adding the custom URL of the radio station on their accounts.  However, they won’t be able to access the stream on a search, as they will be forwarded to a similar station in TuneIn’s catalog. It is uncertain whether all stations will be restored on TuneIn’s directories.

To access our radio station stream on TuneIn or any other listening device, simply copy and paste the following address into the Custom URL section.  http://listen.radionomy.com/smoothjazzandmore

In the meantime, a new radio app is currently in development for Smooth Jazz and More listeners.  Nobex Partners is developing one for iOS, Android and Blackberry users and the station hopes to have one ready sometime next month.


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I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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9 Responses to TuneIn Removes Radionomy Radio Stations on its Network; New Radio App Currently in Development

  1. JT says:

    Radionomy stations listed on TunsIn need to contact TuneIn and have them remove your stations ENTIRELY from their database. Although the stream URLs are disabled, the listings are still there and accessible via search. Those stations now have an error message from TuneIn once they are accessed, automatically redirecting listeners to comparable stations, giving listeners the misperception that the station, rather than TuneIn, has taken the stations down. If TuneIn is going to cower to Sony, they should not be allowed to use our stations merely as redirects in their database. I do not want my listeners thinking my station is no longer available online.

  2. John Chinn says:

    Actually check your TuneIn web pages, you should still be there, it’s affecting mobile only

  3. Tony Bear! says:

    “To access our radio station stream on TuneIn or any other listening device…” FYI – doesn’t work for me when added to the TuneIn Custom URL section.

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  5. ppnsteve says:

    Nobex has discontinued Radionomy streams as well.. so don’y hold your breath for your custom nobex partner apps to work.. mine are dead in the water.

    • Nobex Partners has offered to post Radionomy streams on its network for a nominal fee and a release from liability from Radionomy. Not the way to go for us. We’ll wait for the Sony situation to resolve itself.

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