Growing Pains with our new Broadcast Home

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It’s been nearly two months since our abrupt exit from Live365.   We’ve finally gotten accustomed to our new home at Radionomy.  I must say that the inner-phase is different and took me a few days to get use to.  I’ve grown accustomed to it enough to begin new morning drive programming.

If you haven’t heard lately, Smooth Jazz and More has been playing news and weather provided by Radionomy every half hour beginning at 5am and running to 10am.  In addition, I’ve added a 2 minute sports report at :15 and :45 minutes past every hour during the morning.  The hope is that more listeners will be able to be informed, as well as entertained.

The last few weeks have had challenges.  Radionomy has been besieged with technical issues that resulted in the loss of our stream at times.  Last month, the network had periodic spots of “dead air”, many up to 5 minutes.  Last week, the network experienced repeated tracks and jingles.  Some Radionomy producers have speculated this was a result of a lawsuit filed against the company by Sony, which has accused Radionomy of not paying royalties.

One of the things that led me to Radionomy is that the stream is free to use.  In the aftermath of Live365’s demise, some companies were offering streaming for $50 dollars a month without licensing.  Music licensing would have been an extra $39 dollars a month.  While the lawsuit is legit, the resulting technical problems are just what they are, speculation.  Through all the technical issues and the move, our listener number have been a challenge.

As of this blog entry, we’ve been hovering around 50 listener hours per day, more than 2/3rds  the requirement for three months on Radionomy.  However, the problem we’ve encountered is listeners who have accessed our stream, but haven stayed on long enough to register streaming hours.  I’m not sure how we’re going to address that, but we’ve gotten a number of new listeners from around the world through former Live365 broadcasters on various Facebook groups.

The next few months will be crucial.  We need to maintain our numbers and gather new listeners.  I’ll be doing more promotions to help make that happen, so if you listen to us regularly, stay tuned for something new.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on the litigation between Sony and Radionomy.  We’re not sure what we will do, should Sony be successful in their lawsuit.

We’re also asking our supporters to continue pressing Congress to give small broadcaster relief from the new royalty rates.

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