Save Internet Radio! Sign The Petition! Call Your Congressman!

save net radio

This was submitted by another broadcaster who used to be on Live365.  He’s running the “Save Internet Radio” Facebook Page.


Good afternoon/evening! The time to SAVE internet radio is NOW! Since the CRB ruling has gone into effect three weeks ago, many internet radio stations across the country have gone offline, while others are faced with exorbitant music licensing rates they cannot afford to pay. Internet stations which remain will undoubtedly absorb listeners of now-defunct stations, creating more of a financial burden on existing stations. In doing so, many more internet stations will find themselves incapable of paying even higher music licensing rates as a result of “listener spillover” from recently silent stations. It is a BAD situation which will eventually snowball into something much worse. It is time to ACT. If we ALL WORK TOGETHER, change will come. This is not the first time that small webcasters have been placed in difficult circumstances, but we were able to eventually overcome those obstacles. If we did it then, we can do it now! First, if you haven’t yet signed the petitions (and no, that is not a typo; it is “PETITIONS”), please do so right now. We ask you sign all three petitions (not just one or two of them) because we want to have maximum impact when we do, so our efforts are not diluted. The three petitions are below.


GoPetition Opposition to HR-1733:…/opposition-to-c…/signatures.html

SaveNet Radio petition:…

In addition, we ask that you contact your local Congresspersons as well as those who co-sponsored HR-1733; that list is HERE–>…/114th-c…/house-bill/1733/all-info

If you are unsure of who your local Congresspersons are, please visit the following site and enter your zip code (and physical address, which is optional). The site will display your local Congressmen and women. The list of co-sponsor of HR-1733 can be found HERE–>

An email is good, a written letter is better, and a phone call would be the most effective form of communication to make your feelings known. We do appreciate the fact that your time is valuable, but we all MUST come together and fight this ruling if we want to see changes made and the SWA restored. It’s time to STAND UP and say these rates are UNACCEPTABLE and UNFAIR to small webcasters, and they MUST be changed, if internet radio is to survive and flouish. We are also looking for someone who has access to, or who would be willing to led their voice to, a PSA that we can distribute to stations to air, encouraging listeners to get involved with this movement. If you would be interested in helping in this regard, please contact the administrators here on the page. As always, we greatly appreciate all of you who have joined and want to work together to restore fair music licensing rates for small webcasters. Please share the group page with others you may know who are or will be affected by the CRB Ruling. Thanks! smile emoticon


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