Smooth Jazz and More Signs On with Radionomy

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Smooth Jazz and More Moves Its Stream to Europe-based, “Radionomy”.

Long-time Internet radio broadcaster, Smooth Jazz and More has signed on with Belgium-based Internet broadcaster Radionomy.  In the wake of Live365’s pending shutdown at the end of the month due to financial difficulties, its founder created the stream to guarantee the Internet radio station’s continuous broadcast.

“In searching for an alternative Internet broadcaster, Radionomy gave us the chance to continue the tradition of providing a platform for new and unique independent music artists at a low cost”, said Mike James, Smooth Jazz and More’s Internet radio broadcaster, who referred to the continuing saga of music royalties on Internet broadcasts within the United States.

In December, the Copyright Royalty Board implemented new fees that eliminated an important provision allowing small and medium hobby broadcasters from paying higher than other broadcasters (i.e. Pandora, Spotify, etc.)  “Now is not the time to be suppressing alternate listening sources due to greed.”  James said.


Live365, “Smooth Jazz and More’s” home for nearly 15 years, alerted Internet broadcasters along its network that it may have to shut down on January 31st due to the CRB ruling.  The company also lost an important investor, rendering the company financially insolvent.  They’re actively looking for a new investor.

Smooth Jazz and More continues to broadcast on Live365, despite the impending shutdown.  “(Live365) is too much of an important player just to abandon them.”, James continued.  “I’m confident they can find a buyer, but at the same time, I’m also anticipating the outcome in case they can’t find a buyer in time.”

A new feature for listeners will is hourly news and weather updates provided by Radionomy for their broadcasters.   The stream can be easily accessed on the Tunein radio app on all smartphones, tablets and computers.

Remote Broadcast Stream:


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