The Hypocrisy that is being Conservative and a “Christian”


I’d like to thank ‘canericanisms’ for offering this essay for us to post. It says a lot about conservatives who hide behind the veil of being “Christian”.


There are ironies in everyday life.  They are not hard to see.  Like just a few of the ironies of today’s Republican-controlled Congress, and its supporters:

▪️Republicans regularly preach to Americans: “Hard work will have its rewards” and yet, they have not performed any real and positive work for the American people, save obstructing and sabotaging the president’s efforts, over the past six-plus years.

▪️Republicans are extremely concerned about the fetus in the womb of its mother and yet, once born, their policies often hurt the children they claim to care about – especially children from poor families.

▪️Republicans think every person should have a job and yet, they have avoided approving President Obama’s job initiative.  Further, they have not presented their own version of a jobs bill.  In fact, there appears to be NO American jobs bill any jobs bill on their radar.

▪️Republicans hate “Obamacare,” which is based in “RomneyCare,” and which is helping millions of previously-uninsured people attain affordable healthcare.  They have yet to reveal their own practical plan for addressing the healthcare needs of those less fortunate.

▪️Republicans claim we have “the largest deficit in history” and yet, they want to go to war in Syria, Iraq and Iran.  The Iraq and Afghanistan wars cost between $3 & $6 TRILLION dollars – wars that have yet to be paid for.  Even more, they want to cut Social Security, Medicaid & Medicare, education and many other vital programs due to the deficit.

▪️Republicans claim we need even more money for national defense, which is already more money budgeted than the next eight (8) biggest countries combined.

▪️Republicans claim “Right-To-Work” laws will create more jobs and drive more competition and yet, in those states that have adopted these laws, jobs are leaving, pay is down, and unemployment has risen.

▪️Republicans salivate over giving tax cuts to corporations, saying returns on these investments will be greatly beneficial and yet, in states where this has happened, Republican governors are now pilfering education dollars, among other needed funds, by the hundreds of millions to stave of budget shortfalls.

▪️Republicans are adamant that man-made global warming/climate change is a hoax despite the fact that more than 95% of world scientists all agree this is the biggest issue facing mankind.  But hey, “We are not scientists.”

▪️Republicans preach about “all the freedoms” we are losing under the Obama administration and yet, they have initiated legislation in virtually every state, and federal government, limiting the freedom to vote among some groups, the freedom to marry the consenting partner of your choice, and the freedom, as a woman, to make your own healthcare decisions, among so many others.  Further, was it not George W. Bush, Dick Cheney & John Ashcroft who instituted The Patriot Act?  Talk about “freedoms lost.”

▪️Republicans talk about “King” Obama “trampling on the Constitution” as he makes Executive Orders to achieve positive and progressive initiatives for which Republicans block and yet, the president has initiated fewer executive orders than 10 of the last 13 presidents including George W. Bush and Saint Ronald Reagan.

▪️Republicans have lamented how the federal government should “get to the business of the people” and yet, they actively block the president’s cabinet appointments, block student loan refinancing legislation, and actually closed the government down THREE TIMES, collectively, under both President’s Clinton and Obama.

▪️Republicans have screamed “BENGHAZI,” virtually unabated, since this tragedy happened in 2012.  Yes, FOUR Americans died which is extremely unfortunate.  Consequently, at least five (5) partisan and bipartisan investigations have been completed with ALL INVESTIGATIONS absolving the Obama Administration of any wrongdoing.  Yet, the irony lies with the fact that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney ACTUALLY LIED in order to engage America into the war in Iraq which cost the lives of nearly 4,500 American service members.  Where is the Republican outrage there?

▪️Republicans are vocally against a path to citizenship for desperate illegal immigrants who are fleeing horrible situations and yet, many of them have apparently never looked back into their own immigrant stories.

▪️Republicans proudly proclaim they are “pro-veteran” and “the party of the veteran” and yet, they recently defeated a bill that would provide all sorts of needed benefits to veterans.  With only two Republican votes cast in favor, the Republicans can sure show they have no real problem sending American lives to war, and to death for many, but they could not give a damn about veterans when they return from duty on foreign soil.

I could go on and on and yet, the biggest irony I see with most Republicans is they claim to be the only true patriots and the only true Christians – the ONLY group in America who truly “loves” America.  If they consider themselves “Christians,” then was it not Jesus Christ  (the ‘Christ’ in “Christian”) who said:  “‘You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’  This is the first and greatest commandment.  A second is EQUALLY IMPORTANT:  ‘Love your neighbor as yourself…'” (Matt. 22:37-39 NLT).

With all I have said here, an important question remains:  If these “Christian” Republicans truly “love their neighbors as they love themselves,” how then can they justify doing the things they are doing to their neighbors? Believing the things they are believing about their neighbors? Saying the things they are saying about their neighbors? and acting the way they are acting towards their neighbors?  If Republicans (and any others) are truly trying to be “Christ-like,” I do not see how they can justify these negative actions on behalf of themselves, their party, and the God they claim to serve and honor.

In the end, you may not care what I see, or do not see, and that is your right.  I will likely be called profane names by many on the right for speaking truth to power, for this is my experience from the mouths of most Republicans.  I will admit I am not perfect and neither is any Democrat, Independent, or other.  However, more importantly is the real fact that, if you publicly profess to identify as a Christian – a follower of the biblical Jesus Christ, you might need reminding that your actions and words speak, to the world and God, much louder than your profession of faith.



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