In Ferguson Police No Indictment, The Wheels of Justice Turn, Same Ol’ Bullshit Rules!


If you’re surprised by the no indictment of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, you’re either a hermit or a willing co-conspirator. Everyone was involved in making sure the murder of Michael Brown was justified. You really didn’t think Officer Wilson was going to be indicted, did you? This was expected.

In fact, it was a well coordinated “sham-wow”, led by the St. Louis County Prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch, who made a meticulously veiled statement during an unusual evening press conference, blaming social media and corporate media for leaks that his own department and the Ferguson Police created.

In order to understand this decision, you must understand the culture of the St. Louis, Missouri area. The area has had a highly segregated past. In the early part of the 20th Century, the area was rocked by race riots involving working class blacks and whites over jobs. 39 blacks and eight white people dead, but others speculated that more than a hundred people died in the riots. Many of those riots were orchestrated by political allies, who were looking to favor naïve and desperate white working class residents.

Not surprisingly, the seeds of how those riots were created are being planted right in Ferguson. Blatant racism is shown daily. Its the same old playbook of divide and conquer. Using police and political will to gain favor within the community. Using police as a military force, rather than a community outreach. Blaming a “victim” (in this case, Michael Brown) for causing the problem, knowing he is unable to defend himself because he’s dead. Using brute force to cause people to submit during police enforcement. This only strengthens the power of those in office. Those who are in power are likely to do anything possible to stay in power.

It’s a good thing the Supreme Court said racism is over! I’d think people were crazy!

Ferguson Police Stats


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