Our Interview Podcasts Returns With Guitarist Peter DuVal Lee!


Guitarist Peter DuVal Lee released his new CD “Promises” in late October. We were able to interview him for our Smooth Jazz and More Interviews Podcasts.

Smooth Jazz and More Interviews returns with a brand new podcast when we’ll be interviewing smooth jazz guitarist Peter DuVal Lee.

Lee has just recently released his latest CD entitled, “Promises”. During our interview, Lee mentioned that he’s had a number of issues that prevented the release of his new CD. “It was my expression of journey…”, Lee mentioned. “…it really captures the essence of those experiences, hardships and also joys in those seven years.”

It’s been a few years since we’ve last heard from him. His last CD, “It’s a New Day” was released in 2008. Smooth Jazz and More first highlighted Peter DuVal Lee’s music back in 2004 and we’ve been supportive in his career by playing his music on our radio station.

The podcast will be available this Tuesday, November 18th, where you can download our interview with Peter DuVal Lee at the iTunes store and on our website at smoothjazzandmore.com.

Android Users!  You can subscribe to our podcasts by downloading the Player FM app at Google Play!


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