TMZ Changes The Face of News Gathering!

The tabloid website claimed another victim to its aggressive reporting.  7th Heaven's Stephen Collins was allegedly caught on audio admitting to sexually abusing young girls.

The tabloid website TMZ claimed another to its aggressive reporting. Former 7th Heaven’s Stephen Collins was allegedly caught on audio admitting to sexually abusing young girls.

Stephen Collins, who played the patriarch in the long-running CW show, “7th Heaven” is being investigated by police after allegedly confessing to child molestation on a secretly recorded audio. The actor, who also played Commander Decker in the 1979 movie, “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, is in the middle of a nasty, prolonged divorce with actress Faye Grant. Collins revealed to her in 2012 he had molested and/or exposed himself to several underage girls years before.

The audio was released by the tabloid website, TMZ. News of the story dropped like a bombshell, and the Twitter feed lit up like a Christmas tree. Many followers were angry, some were heart broken.

Entertainment Weekly reports Collins has now been dropped from the film “Ted 2”. Collins has also resigned from the SAG-AFTRA Board. TMZ also reports that the Los Angeles Police Department actually launched an investigation into molestation allegations against Stephen Collins in November, 2012.

This story, like many others, put TMZ on the map. Based in Los Angeles, TMZ is the brainchild of Harvey Levin, a 64-year-old Southern California native with a law degree from the University of Chicago. The letters stand for Thirty Mile Zone, a reference to the radius around Hollywood within which most of the studios are based. Lately, the website has delved into the sports world, breaking stories that involve some of the biggest names in the sports world.

Much of it’s breaking news stories depend on the purchase of information by “sources” to the individuals involved. Many stories have been called into question by this practice. However, TMZ has been aggressive in it’s promotion of the story. Gritty, cutting edge and unforgiving, TMZ is a force that will be on the forefront for years to come.


TMZ Breaking News Milestones

April 2006 – Mel Gibson’s arrest report for drunken driving, complete with outtakes from an obscenity-laced, anti-Semitic tirade.

June 2009 – Broke the story of Michael Jackson’s death a full hour before most of the mainstream media.

November 2009 – Broke the story of Tiger Woods’s extramarital indiscretions.

November 2013 – Broke the news that the Heisman Trophy candidate Jameis Winston was being investigated by the Tallahassee Police Department over an allegation that he had sexually abused a fellow student at Florida State University.

April 2014 – Posted an audio recording of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist remarks. (The NBA would force Sterling to sell the Clippers.)

September 2014 – Published a video showing Ray Rice knocking out his fiancée in an elevator in Atlantic City in February, 2014. (The Baltimore Ravens would release Rice and the NFL suspend him indefinitely.)

October 2014 – Obtained audio recording of former “7th Heaven” star Stephen Collins confessing to his estranged wife that he molested and exposed himself to at least three young girls.


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