Embarrassing Scheduling Snafu Leaves Canadians Without The National League Division Series

(USA TODAY Sports)

In a scene similar to when the Dodgers and Giants left New York without National League baseball in 1957, Canada is being left without access to the NLDS.

Canadian baseball fans expecting to see the Giants/Nationals and the Dodgers/Cardinals games on Sportsnet were instead left watching pre-season hockey. They missed an epic 18-inning game, in which, San Francisco won 3-2 over Washington and Los Angeles defeating St. Louis 3-2, as well.

This postseason, Major League Baseball moved the games to it’s own MLB Network. Fox also moved its games from it’s main network to its brand new Fox Sports 1. Both networks aren’t shown in Canada, leaving Canadian fans deprived of watching the post game. That is, unless they purchase MLB.TV’s online package.

The scheduling debacle does MLB no favors to a country still smarting from the Montreal Expos move to Washington 10 years ago. Could you imagine the NFL not showing wildcard weekend on TV (Free TV, Cable or Satellite)? If MLB wants to expand its brand into Canada again, it should do itself a favor and straighten out this embarrassing snafu so it doesn’t happen again next season.


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