Ferguson Police is Just One of Many Corrupt Municipalities in America

This image provided by KMOV-TV shows investigators inspecting the body of Michael Brown. (Tiffany Mitchell/KMOV-TV via AP)

This image provided by KMOV-TV shows investigators inspecting the body of Michael Brown. (Tiffany Mitchell/KMOV-TV via AP)

Here’s more of my .02$.

What we’re seeing in Ferguson, Missouri is the complete breakdown of ethics and accountability of the police force and, eventually, the city government. The lack of cooperation and delays of filing police reports continues to bog down in the case of Michael Brown.

Here’s the bottom line…the Ferguson police officer “fucked up” big time!

The accused police officer, Darren Wilson, basically threw away all of his police training, because he saw the teen as a ‘thug’, not a human being! Right wing blogs and news websites are trying their damnedest to prove Michael Brown was the aggressor! Based on what they claim to know versus what is actually reported.

    • Brown is right handed, but according the reports, reaches for the gun with his left hand into an SUV.
    • Brown is 6’4 and nearly 300 pounds, but can’t take a gun away despite touching and reaching for one from a man who is “half his size”.
    • Brown punches the officer with such force as to smash his eye socket, but the officer instead of waiting for back up while tailing the suspect from his car, jumps out the safety of his car alone and chases down these two violent teens.
    • Brown runs towards or “Rushes” the officer, yet is found 35 feet away from the cop car.
    • All the gun shots to Brown occurred within 1-2 feet, with the gun shot on the top of his 6’4 head is flat and the second one goes DOWN through the eye, the remainder are through his RIGHT HAND. All gun shots except the one in the center of his head top, which killed him instantly are on the right side. Yet Brown reach into the car with his left side and according to the officer sustained a gun shot wound. No bullets holes are found in the vehicle. It is physically impossible for him to sustain such a wound, as the officer claims Brown’s right side was outside the vehicle, shielded by the door.
(Family photo)

(Family photo)

  • All gun shots occur within 1-2 feet, which meant that Brown was within 1-2 feet for all the shots. If Brown was truly this deranged maniac, why did he stand their with his hands up while the officer was shooting him to death instead of attacking the officer? Recall the 21 foot rule. A suspect can close within 21 feet before a cop even fires a weapon. 1-2 feet is within arm range and hitting range. The story doesn’t add up.
  • The officer, who is shorter than Brown, manages to shoot him in a flat and downward trajectory in the top of his head and through his eye. This is entirely consistent with an execution style slaying with someone on their knees not someone who is taller than you running at you.
  • Michael Brown’s autopsy says nothing about him having bruised fist, which the police department would surely release, as they have released everything bad about Brown already.

Even if you go by the officer’s story, ignoring the 5 witnesses who saw him murder Brown, you still have to arrive at the conclusion that this was an execution.

What it all comes down to is that Michael Brown’s death, as well as other similar deaths was a direct result of the lack of community policing. Beat cops would have prevent this tragedy from happening because that cop will know who everyone is in the neighborhood!

You can’t police effectively from your patrol car! Oh, you could! But the cop won’t have a clue who everyone is in the neighborhood! The neighborhood will have no trust in the cop that serves them because he comes off unprofessional. You know that thing about the right wing’s hatred of “community organizing”? This is also a direct result from it! If you treat the community like savages, the community will act like savages!

There is something inherently evil happening within the annals of Ferguson, Missouri government; from the mayor to the police chief, to the police force, to the city council, all the way down to the school district. This behavior of corruption by the cops has been happening for years, not just in Ferguson, but nationwide.

The Ferguson police department seem to be running things like a playbook for these instance. If it’s racial, smear the victim! It is political power at its worse.

It’s also the reason why voting matters! Despite 67% percent of Ferguson being African-American, the make up of the city council is mostly white. (Apartheid, anyone?)

I’m willing to bet Eric Holder and the Justice Department are going to put the Ferguson Police Department under federal oversight for the next 15-20 years. It’s going to purge the system of the “good ‘ol boys” network and have a better representation within the community. That includes everything else across the board, from the fire department to public works to the library.

And then there’s the civil suits. When this is all settled, Ferguson’s gonna have to declare bankruptcy!

Finally, replace the word “Marines” with “Police Department” in this classic scene from the 1992 film, “A Few Good Men”.


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