An Adult Film Classic From The 80’s Gets a “Hip-Hop” Remix!


Bionca Seven (left), Lois Ayres (center) & Sheena Horne (right) lead an all-star adult film cast in the 1987 classic, Nightshift Nurses. (Photo Courtesy of VCA)


In 1987, adult film star John Leslie directed his first feature length film entitled, “Nightshift Nurses”. Unlike other adult films in the genre which featured less on story and more on sexual content, this film managed to equal both levels and featured an entertaining plot line, the happenings of a hospital unit during the night shift.

The cast of characters reads like a “who’s who” in adult films. In addition to Leslie, the film also starred Lois Ayres, Joey Silvera, Peter North, Keisha, Sheena Horne and Bionca Seven. The film featured enough laughs and entertainment to fill the 70+ minutes. The film was also was revolutionary in it started to capitalize on the rising popularity of the interracial adult film genre. During the mid-80, interracial was still a taboo genre for actors to perform in and was very expensive for fans to purchase. But with the release of this film classic, the interracial genre began to flourish in adult films.

In addition to his film career, Leslie, who passed away in 2010, was an accomplished harmonica player and dabbled with playing blues music during his in-between careers.  He also collaborated with established jazz pianist Bill Heid, who composed the film’s soundtrack, along with many of Leslie’s other films.

A native of Pittsburgh, Heid (shown left) played piano and the Hammond organ with a host of music artists in his career, most notably blues legends Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, singer Koko Taylor & jazz guitarist Henry Johnson.

Rather than show the film’s intense moments, I’ve created a short video with an updated soundtrack. Those of you who are fans of hip-hop will notice the familiar samples. This video doesn’t contain any of the film’s extreme hardcore moments, as YouTube won’t allow hardcore porn on it’s website, but it does give you a glimpse of the story line.



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  1. Hog says:

    Where can you get copy of soundtrack?

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