MSNBC Contributor Goldie Taylor Subjected To Death Threats By Racist Follower On Twitter


There were some interesting moments on Twitter over the weekend involving the blatant disclosure of a prominent news journalist’s personal information over the Internet.  MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor (Shown Above) was the victim of this sinister plot against a racist tweeter. The user nicknamed ‘Americanist’, who went by the Twitter address of “BreakObama”, had been using his account to verbally harass Ms. Taylor and other journalists and respected Twitter users.

We’ve managed to capture a couple of screens of the feed before it was taken down.

It all came to a head this weekend when the perpetrator posted Ms. Taylor’s home address and phone number on Twitter for everyone to see and threatened to kill her. At first, Twitter resisted Ms. Taylor’s help. She tweeted;

However, the former Marine enlisted the help of another Twitter follower named Wieland to track down the user.

The source of the threat allegedly comes from a man from the Dallas, Texas area; who supposedly works as a “Church Compliance Consultant”. (Whatever that means! Probably means UNEMPLOYED!) He also was a former high school history teacher (YIKES!) and also coached high school football in the past.

The user’s Twitter account has been suspended Monday afternoon. It’s unclear if any charges will be filed against the alleged abuser for his actions. Wieland tweeted about the incident by saying,

It’s also clear that there are many idiots who will use God to spread their hateful message. This clown has the audacity to hide behind a computer and make terrorist threats without even thinking he would get “outed”.  In an age where the NSA is watching your every move, you would have to be an complete buffoon to think you’re going to get away with it!

With cowards like the ‘Americanist’, they’ll always seem to find ways to hide behind God!


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