PFC Bradley Manning Is No Hero!


Yesterday, a military judge found US Army Private First Class Bradley Manning not guilty of the most serious charge of aiding and abetting the enemy when he leaked sensitive documents to WikiLeaks, a web-based media site.  

However, he was found guilty of under the Espionage Act of six counts of stealing secret documents that he then delivered to the anti-secrets website WikiLeaks, which published them.  PFC Manning faces nearly 130 years in prison. The intelligence analyst pleaded guilty to a number of lesser offenses before the trial began.

PFC Manning is no hero.  His motivation wasn’t to expose war crimes or government corruption. He did it because he had a moment of conscience, something you lose when you swear under oath to protect and defend your country. What’s worse is that he sent the information to someone who is in another country to publish at-will over the Internet.

There are many people who don’t understand how the military works and have no clue.  The military is NOT a democracy, its a dictatorship.  When you raise your hand, you give your life to the military, not the other way around, which is what PFC Manning did.

He’s not a hero nor is he a whistle blower, he’s a little brat who has no business wearing the uniform. His act put many of his fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in harms way.  He faces his sentence later today in front of a judge.  My hope is that they throw him in Fort Leavenworth at hard labor  for an extended period of time.  


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