CNN’s Don Lemon Making Waves In The Black Community Over Controversial O’Reilly Remarks


This weekend, CNN’s Don Lemon caused some controversy during his monologue about the comments Bill O’Reilly made in regards to the state of Black America.  Lemon replied that O’Reilly’s comments didn’t go far enough. (Click the link below.)

CNN’s Don Lemon’s Comments

Now Lemon probably means what he says because I’ve heard him say reactionary, overly-simplistic things on other non-lethal topics. Still, this is cable news and the topic of race is lethal. Just saying you agree with anything Bill O’Reilly says about black people to his audience of fear mongered, 65+ white people, mostly males, means you are an asshole at best, and definitely deserve the label ‘Uncle Tom’. 

It could be as simple, as this guy has a huge ego, and thinks he’s a sage, when he hasn’t said anything that hasn’t been said before, that wasn’t at the same time, dangerous, facile, half truths. Lemon does have a conservative-wired brain though, which means he probably thinks he’s ‘keeping it real’ and doesn’t comprehend or appreciate the nuances of this issue

Lemon is supposed to be educated, but all educated people know the problems of the Black ‘ghetto’ communities goes much deeper than apparel, and just telling people how to behave on nation wide television is arrogant and isn’t going to solve anything; like anyone in those communities can afford CNN. But they are competing with Fox News.

A kid gets shot unnecessarily and overpaid, half-witted, Cable monsters feed the beast.

Only in America!


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