There’s Someone To Blame For These "Right to Work For Less" Legislations, Those Who Didn’t Vote in 2010!

When Michigan Governor Rick Snyder ran in 2010, he said that “Right to Work” legislation wasn’t on his radar.  Two years later, the governor made it very clear that he lied.   The legislation, passed during a lame-duck session, will now go to his desk where he has vowed to sign the bill into law.

This is the continuation of the Republicans attack on the middle class and working families.  It started in Wisconsin, where Governor Scott Walker started his anti-union rampage, which led to 14 state senators to flee the state and caused a backlash by starting a recall of the government.  Though it failed to remove the governor, the state senate legislature was turned over to the Democrats, giving the state an all important measure of “Checks and Balances”.

It then moved to Ohio, where Governor John Kasich tried to ram through his anti-union bill through the legislature.  It was only after a tough election ballot measure that the bill died.

It’s no secret who the people responsible for hammering the so-called “Right to Work” legislation are. Republicans have been bankrolled by the same people who gave you “Citizens United”, Mitt Romney and the Tea Baggers.  Corporations, like the Koch Brothers and conservative organizations like A.L.E.C. bankrolled the anti-union legislation that was rammed through the Republican-dominated Michigan legislature without debate, without hesitation and without regard to who it would affect.

But is there any surprise, really?  We all know the Republicans are vehemently anti-union.  They’re not supportive of the middle class and certainly not in favor of making anything easier for working families.  The the question is, “Why do we vote for these clowns?”

Well, as I see the people protesting in Madison, Lansing and Columbus and I have all the support for them.  But my question to them is, “Where the hell were you two years ago?” Democrats dropped the ball on this big time!  By not showing up on Election Day 2010, we’re now experiencing the fruits of our inaction…and it was all preventable.


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