New York Post Publishes "Death Photo" Headline, Response Comes Sharp and Quick!

This week in New York, a man was thrown onto the subway tracks by an unidentified man. As he struggled to get back on the platform, an oncoming Q train headed quickly towards him. 
A freelance photographer working for the New York Post on an unrelated assignment happened to be standing on the 49th Street station platform.  Rather than help the man, the photographer snapped at least two photos of the man before he was run over by the subway train. The man sustained critical injuries and was later pronounced dead at Roosevelt Hospital.
The New York Post ran the photo on their front page with the headline, “Pushed on the the subway track, this man is about to die…DOOMED!”
Response to the headline was sharp…and quick.  Many took to Twitter to voice their contempt of the NY Post. 
“Sickening rubber-necking front page from the New York Post,” tweeted Guardian sports editor Ian Prior. “Imagine how this man’s family feels.”
“The @nypost and the employee who made the call to put the man about to die from a train on its cover are pieces of trash,” added Howard Stern Show producer Lee Gerowitz. “Despicable.”
Seroiusly, is anyone really surprised that they would do such a thing?  After all, the New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and he’s not one to go for high quality journalism at his media empire.
We get what we pay for with the New York Post and the more we buy Murdoch’s newspapers and watch his Faux News Channel; the more we continued to get suckered by his form of, “Yellow Journalism”. 
My favorite comment about this incident was the response by Brandon Hess who replied on; 
Are you kidding? The guy could either try and save a human life dangling in the balance in front of him or get out his camera and take multiple photos of it. This isn’t the war in Sudan where a camera-man is capturing images of a war. This is a sociopath that thought the best idea while some poor soul is about to be killed was to take photos of it instead of at least trying to save his fellow man.
This, this is 100% what is wrong with human society. We can’t fathom that there’s a social calling to help one another because “well, he wouldn’t have gotten there in time.” This guy shows 100% that he wasn’t willing to help, that he made no attempt and rather decided to take photos of it occurring.
Worse yet, the newspaper is using this tragic man’s death, allowed by onlookers, to make sales of their paper and build on negative press.
Our society though, finds these same types of barbarianism horrifying if it’s from the Middle East but when we ourselves partake in it, there’s an ample amount of excuses.
I couldn’t agree with you more!

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