Honor Student Jailed for Missing School by Texas Judge

Texas continues to be the most ass-backwards state in the union. Led by their rogue governor, Rick Perry, the republic of Texas teeters on the level between lunacy and outright insanity when it comes to it’s social issues. The state is notorious for it’s death penalty and it’s liberal usage. The frequent capital punishment usage is like a gambler in Vegas on a hot winning streak. Right and wrong is not an option to those “neanderthals”. Justice matters, only if you have a gun and a reason to use it.

That’s why I was outraged when I came across the most ridiculous story today involving a 17-year-old junior who is dealing with truancy in Montgomery County, Texas. Diane Tran is an 11th grade honors student. In addition to school, she was also forced to work two jobs to support her siblings due to her parents divorce and subsequent leaving from her home. Because of her heavy load and burden, she wound up missing school for extended periods.

That got her in trouble with the school and law enforcement (?) for truancy. She was brought into court in April and was told not to skip school. This month, she was brought back in to court because excessive absences. Judge in this case, Lanny Moriarty then sentenced her to a day in jail for violating the court order.

Here’s the full story from KHOU in Houston.

It’s mind-boggling to think that no one in the county or the school would have the decency to give some kind of assistance to the poor girl. Her parents should be the ones facing charges for neglect, not her. It’s further interesting the the judge in this case was himself cited for failure to properly disclose political contributions and was fined $2,800 dollars.

Read the ethics commission’s findings here!

But coming from the most asinine state in the nation when it comes to common sense, it’s no surprise. With this blemish on her record, her chances of going to top academic school will be greatly reduced. Help this poor girl by signing the Change.org petition to force the judge to drop all charges against her.


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