Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

I visited www.cabletelevision.net and upgraded our television package. Now, I have started to watch a show on the CW that I am hooked on. It is called “Vampire Diaries”. If you can imagine a mix of the “O.C.” ( if you are old enough to remember it) and a vampire show, you can pretty much imagine what the show is like. It is a high school drama, but with Vampires and supernatural creatures in the mix. It takes place in a small town in Virginia with a long history of vampire and human interactions. I have caught up on the first two seasons. I started the third season late, and missed a couple of episodes because I wasn’t sure when it came on. I have been able to catch up though without missing a beat. Now, every Thursday, you will find me on the couch watching the “Vampire Diaries”. It is a great show! If you like anything supernatural and if you ever liked “90210” or the “OC”, you will love this show.


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