Recording Industry’s Honorary Grammy to Steve Jobs is Downright Hypocritical!

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple who died in October, will be receiving a posthumous award from the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The Academy made the announcement on Wednesday, indicating it was giving Jobs a special “Trustees Award” Grammy at their annual awards ceremony on February 12, 2012.

“As former CEO and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs helped create products and technology that transformed the way we consume music, TV, movies, and books,” the Recording Academy said in a statement.

“A creative visionary, Jobs’ innovations such as the iPod and its counterpart, the online iTunes store, revolutionized the industry and how music was distributed and purchased,” the statement added.

I find it highly, highly hypocritical for the Recording Industry to be doing such an honor, considering the Academy has been steadfastly against digital technology since it’s inception! The industry has been slow to embrace iTunes and other Apple platforms Jobs created. If you ask me, this is just a way for the Recording Industry to “save face”.



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