The Twilight Saga: The Royal Scam!

There are scams…and then there are scams!

I haven’t written a blog entry about this topic until now, only because the franchise doesn’t deserve the satisfaction of any more publicity.

The “Twilight” series of movies based on the books written by Stephenie Meyer was supposed to generate the imagination of the viewer watching. But I found that it’s no more than a what I call “bubble gum for the brain”, with no entertainment value whatsoever.

The stories, all created to target teenage girls and young women, are rehashed from different ideas already created from legendary characters. Vampires have been tolled around from movie to movie, storyline to storyline, treatment to treatment, all the while, being subjected to the most ridiculous scenarios by Hollywood’s brain trust.

If you must subject yourself to an additional two hours of mind-numbing irrelevance, have the courtesy of bringing “No-Doz” with you.

Bram Stoker must be rolling in his grave right about now.


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