Previewing The New FX Drama, "Untitled Jersey City Project"

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Continuing the tradition of breakthrough dramas, FX has released previews of a new drama in the works called, “Untitled Jersey City Project“.   Like many of their previous shows, “Untitled Jersey City Project” stands to do to the urban development world what FX did to the police underworld (The Shield), plastic surgeons (Nip/Tuck) and the firefighting profession (Rescue Me).
Executive Producers for the show have release short excerpts of the show in 2 minute intervals.  In this episode, we see a man and a woman in a car discussing business.  All of the sudden they’re attacked by a man.  Flash back to a restaurant, where the same man, known as Frank and another man, Ray meet with the same woman, who happens to be a newspaper reporter who are discussing her not so favorable feature on their troubled Waterfront Stadium Project.  Unbeknownst to her, the man she bad mouths is standing behind her.

Without giving away anymore details, this show looks like a cross between The Sopranos and L.A. Law.  The premise of the show seems to be very dark, very film noir-ish, almost like a modern day version of Elia Kazan’s “On The Waterfront”, which actually takes place in the same area, only 60 years later.  More excerpts can be found on YouTube.
FX has not scheduled “Untitled Jersey City Project” as of this posting.  Check your local listings for further information on when it will premiere!  In the meantime, what do you think of the show?
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