Sports Television’s Newest "Eye Candy"!

For as long as there has been television, there has always been ways for men to keep their interest. In football, there’s cheerleaders. In NASCAR, there’s the Sprint Cup girl in the winner’s circle. In news, there’s blondes in anchor chairs or you see them constantly on the TV screen, walking up and down the field (i.e. NBC’s Michelle Tafoya, Fox Sports’ Pam Oliver, ESPN’s Suzy Kobler) waiting for the big story to break on the sidelines.

Well, get ready for the newest star in sports television, Melanie Collins.

Collins is a sports reporter and entertainment host for the Big Ten Network and Fox Sports. She’s a 2008 graduate of Penn State University, where she majored in Sports Journalism. To her credit, she’s a big sports fan who uses her knowledge and expertise to her advantage. She got her on-air start working for AccuWeather, where she delivered weather updates to over 100 different radio markets.

Her career has led her to different reporting assignments, including Turner Sports, NBA-TV, and E!. She currently hosts, “Big Ten Tailgate” on the Big Ten Network. In addition to her reporting career, she’s also a model. Check out these gorgeous photos of Melanie. You can find more on her website,

Without question, Melanie Collins is a gorgeous reporter, who’ll no doubtingly be making an impact on sports television for years to come!

Watch out, Erin Andrews!

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I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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