Is Titanium The New Gold?

I wasn’t originally sold on a titanium ring design. At first look, the design looks rather ugly. But upon further review, titanium rings have a much more important asset. They’re hypoallergenic, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and have the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal on the market, including gold.

Titanium bracelets can be stylish and glamorous. They’re also been known to be a health benefit. For some people, Titanium magnetic bracelets harness its power to help sooth joints and improve circulation. Whether that’s true or not depends on further medical study.

One titanium ring style I like in particular are these his and hers Domed Tungsten Carbide Ring.

The ring is layered with black zirconium ceramic and divided into 3 parts. The middle inlay is approximately double the width of its sides. The impression makes it look very smooth, and because its less likely to scratch than Gold, the ring is a formidable alternative for a wedding band.

The ring currently sells for $149.90 at There are many styles to choose from.


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