The GOP’s Continued Obsession With The Death Penalty!

A Florida legislator (why am I not surprised) is introducing legislation on changing the death penalty method from lethal injection to a firing squad. Republican (no surprise there, either) Brad Drake, said the idea came to him after having a conversation with a constituent at a Waffle House (what? no IHOP?).

Drake commented, “the government is spending too much time listening to advocacy groups and instead should put in place a death sentence that forces convicted murderers to contemplate their fates. Lethal injection just allows a person to die in their sleep while a firing squad or electrocution would force death row inmates to think about their punishment “every morning,” Drake said.

Preposterous! Whether or not the person thinks about dying isn’t going to deter the crime. The fact remains, crime happens and the perpetrator doesn’t care what the consequences are. It that’s the case, crime would be non-existent. In the meantime, there are still people on death row who may be innocent.

I honestly don’t think Rep. Drake or any Republican lawmaker has ever seen an execution by firing squad. But here’s the closest to a real execution by firing squad, from the 1957 film, “Paths of Glory”. In it’s climactic scene, three French soldiers were made scapegoats by a general because of a failed battle. They were sentenced to death because of cowardice on the battle field. It is a horrible death that can be summed up as primitive.

For states to spend hard working tax dollars to sanction public executions only brings the country down to the level of Iran, and I know for a fact that we’re much better than them…or are we?


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