Wall Street Rallies Mean Nothing Without Action At The Ballot Box!

Two weekends ago, protesters began picketing in lower Manhattan against corporate financial greed and corruption.

The group “Occupy Wall Street” , organized the protest using tactics involving social media and traditional methods to achieve their goals and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants.

In addition to what they view as excessive force and unfair treatment of minorities, including Muslims, the movement is also protesting against home foreclosures, high unemployment and the 2008 bailouts.

What started out as a small protest with virtually “zero” coverage in the mainstream media has turned into an American version of ‘Arab Spring’, a movement which took hold in the Middle East and was responsible for ousting former president Hosini Mubarak from power in Egypt.

Protesters have been arrested and even assaulted by New York City police without provocation. Support for the protesters has been increasing, with labor and human rights organizations enlisting their services in solidarity.

Celebrities, including Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon and Roseanne Barr have arrived on Wall Street to give their support the the protest. Similar protests are popping up in other cities, including Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.

While I support the meaning of this protest, the rally means nothing, unless you do the same thing at the ballot box November, 2012 and vote the GOP and all Teabaggers out of office and re-elect President Obama for a second term.

Right now, Conservatives and right-wing radicals are doing everything possible to make sure President Obama doesn’t make it to a second term. With the help of corporate donors, Faux News, Yahoo! and right-wing friendly bloggers, they’ve managed to turn public opinion against the president very effectively.

Their success has allowed voters to choose against their own interests. Tea Baggers have done an outstanding job of pressuring and grandstanding Congress to get 98% of their goals in the manufactured debit ceiling debate this past summer. In the process, Tea Baggers have wrecked the economy and spiraled the country into a possible second recession.

Occupy Wall Street MUST focus on this issue, specifically! If as many people who showed up this weekend to protest corporate financial greed and corruption show up on Election Day in 2012, the change they seek will happen…but not if they don’t show up at the ballot box.

Talk is cheap! Action speaks volumes! Let’s hope they continue the movement!

Twitter – #occupywallstreet


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