In Critizising the President’s Vacation, the News Media Doesn’t Have It’s Priorities Straight!

President Obama is going on vacation with his family for 10 days at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. News of the event has gotten some people, preferably those on the conservative ranks, a bit hot under the collar. Their contention is that the president should not be taking a vacation because the country is in such bad shape.

But lets face it. Unless you’ve had the wool pulled over your eyes in the last 24 months, you’re unlikely to realize that there’s nothing the president can do when it comes to getting the House to agree with him. The debt crisis was nothing more than a chance to embarrass the president. Look none other than “Senator Idiot” Mitch McConnell with the real reason why it all happened.

What makes it even worse is that the media is either too ignorant or too stupid to realize they’re being played! The biggest violator is ABC News, which I’ve “unlike” on Facebook. The straw that broke it was the endless reporting of Donald Trump, who commented on Warren Buffett’s call to pay more taxes.


Actually, with dictators like Ghadafi and tyrants such as Osama bin Laden falling like flies lately, maybe it’s good that President Obama can get a vacation every so often.


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