Lower Credit Rating Makes Canada A Better Option Than America To Shop

Within the last few days, the United States’ financial credibility has suffered due to the in excusable situation involving the dept ceiling. The artificially-created crisis has allowed Standard & Poors to give America it’s first ever credit downgrade. The lowered rating, from AAA to AA+, makes it harder for local, state and federal governments to borrow money. The increased fees and interest rates also affects Americans, in that it makes it harder purchase a loan for anything.

One of the reasons S&P lowered the US’s rating status is because of the lack of health care cost plan. Because the United States doesn’t have a Universal Health Plan for most of it’s citizens, the overall costs for medical care and the lack of cost controls affects the US’s ability to control it’s medical costs. Americans would be better off purchasing Canada drugs, as the costs would be significantly lower.

Purchasing over the counter drugs from online pharmacies in Canada gives Americans a better choice for less money. Customers who buy nexium, for example, would save more than 50% off the regular price from an American pharmacy. With the Canadian Loonie virtually “at par” with the US dollar, Canadians also can take advantage of the weakened dollar.

In all,


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One Response to Lower Credit Rating Makes Canada A Better Option Than America To Shop

  1. Moris says:

    I completely agree with that.A friend of mine who live next to the boundary with Canada goes there very frequently to shop cause there prices are quite reasonable.Moving Company

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