Long Island Cop Thinks The First Amendment Doesn’t Apply To Him!

A Suffolk County Police officer arrested a freelance photographer for shooting a crime scene.

Another incidence of police officers acting above the law.

This time, it’s on Long Island, as a Suffolk County Police Sergeant arrested a freelance photographer for shooting a crime scene. Photojournalist Phil Datz was arrested on Friday while attempting to film the conclusion of a police chase.

The officer angrily demanded that Datz “go away” without any explanation of why. The photojournalist complied and called police headquarters to speak with the public information officer.

After letting the PIO know what was happening, Datz began filming again at a position a block away. Datz’s new spot was evidently not acceptable for the Sergeant, who quickly dove his squad car to where Datz was shooting and promptly arrested him. According to the Long Island Press, Datz was charged with obstruction of governmental administration and later released.

In the video, Datz can be heard on the video explaining to “Sergeant Milton” that he had contacted the PIO, but that explanation was not enough for the Sergeant, who said, he had 30 years on the job of doing this type of thing.”

See video below.

I have a feeling that Sergeant won’t be seeing 31 years in the foreseeable future, much less, an enjoyable retirement.

All I can say is, “Thank God for YouTube!”


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