With the Debt Ceiling Deadline Looming, I’m Convinced Americans are Stupid Beyond All Comprehension!

There’s only one person responsible for the debt ceiling mess…the American voter! After all, they’re the cause of all this!

By voting for Tea Party candidates in November 2010, they alone set the stage for this showdown. By listening to the lies and bullshit of the GOP, they voted to put these “children” into office, and in turn, managed to singlehandedly take down the strongest economy in the world.

I especially blame Progressives and Liberals for staying home that election night, the “all talk and no action” crowd. Instead of bitching and complaining about not getting what you want, why not keep the focus and work harder to convince people? They don’t know compromise any more than the Tea Baggers themselves!

It will be a miracle for us to even get out of the mess we’re in now, unless President Obama invokes the 14th Amendment. Even if there is a compromise, we’re now a ‘laughing stock’. Countries from around the world are amazed by out ineptness, our sheer incompetence and illogical way of thinking.

America is supposed to be a leader. This is not leadership, it’s a scene from novel, “Lord of the Flies”.

In its climactic scene after mass chaos ensured by boys on an uncharted island, a Royal Navy officer arrives moments before the lead character’s seemingly impending death. He’s surprised and disappointed to learn that the boys’ society has collapsed into chaos.  He states that he would have expected “a better show” from the British children.

It seems like those Tea Baggers have turned into children!  And it’s American’s stupidity that’s to blame for making it happen!


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I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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