Unforgivable Whiteness In Black People, Like Allen West!

House Nigger – “A black person that does their best to please white people even if it means disowning their own racial identity. A black person that sucks up to the white man for benefits.”

Used in a sentence – “Uncle Tom House Niggers do scare me!” – From KRS One, “House Niggas” (1989). or, “Any black Republican is a “house nigger” because the GOP could care less about them, hence the Southern Strategy.”

Example =


During the last few weeks, the mainstream media has managed to highlight a few African-Americans, who just happened to call themselves Republicans. Straight up, they’re nothing but sell-outs…Uncle Tom’s…House Niggers!

Pretty rough language, eh? Deal with it! I’m plenty pissed off right about now! In fact, it’s downright sickening, really! For years, there have been a few African-Americans that have been sympathetic to the conservative cause. Most have been relegated to the “back of the bus” by the GOP.

But since the election of the country’s first black president in 2008, the Republican leadership has managed to bring those “sell-outs” front and center. At the head of the line is Florida Congressman Allen West, who’s continued rhetoric has become downright embarrassing to black people worldwide.

West sent an email to Democratic Representative and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in response to comments directed at him in a speech the Congresswoman made on the floor of the House of Representatives after West had departed the chamber.

West’s email, which he copied to members of House Democratic and Republican leadership, attacked Wasserman-Schultz as “the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives”, claimed that she was “not a lady”, and demanded that she focus on her own congressional district.

What it all comes down to is “strategy”. Having a white Republican say the same things would be construed as being racist. But if a black man like Allen West would say the same things, The Republicans could get away with it. West is the perfect “patsy” for the GOP.

It’s unforgivable for any black man or woman to come out in support of what the GOP is perpetrating on America. But there are black people who will “sell-out” with only their individual wishes in mind. People like West, like presidential candidate Herman Cain, who said this week that communities have the right to deny mosques to be built, and like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who has been on the wrong side of civil rights cases since his appointment in 1992.

50 years ago, these men wouldn’t have been allowed to be served in a restaurant in the South. They wouldn’t have walked into the front of a hotel, drink the same water fountain and certainly been able to vote in an election. It would be best for black Republicans to appreciate the sacrifices made, and stop drinking the Tea flavored “Kool-Aid”.


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7 Responses to Unforgivable Whiteness In Black People, Like Allen West!

  1. DorianM says:

    Oh My God , I want to stop reading about black or white people ,I want to read just for the people!Man and Van

  2. 123george says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Unfortunately, that world you want isn't possible! It's human nature to hate, and I'm afraid that people will continue to look for scapegoats. Sad, but true!

  4. Sam Moves says:

    You'd think in today civilized society discrimination would be limited or non existent, but sadly it is very real and present in our everyday lives.Sam

  5. Sally J says:

    So you believe black people do not have the right to make up their own minds on politics? They have no right to choose to be part of the party that for 150 years has supported black people without treating them like second class citizens as the Democrats do? And you call them names for that? And say they are really not black? That is racism, my friend, pure and simple. A LOT of people, even Democrats, find DWS obnoxious and self-promoting, with a tin ear. look at her interviews, look at how she lies to Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, and Doug McIntyre from KABC Radio. Knowing how she acts to other people, and what he likely had endured up to then, what she did to Allen West on the floor of the House was the final nail in the coffin, and he called her out publicly – as he should. My mom always taught us that a woman who is rude and mistreats "is not a lady". Sounds like Rep. West was raised the same way. Start treating other blacks with the dignity afforded to all other people. Stop being racist against fellow blacks who have views different from yours.

  6. Sally J,I also served in the military. I received my commission in 1986 and served my country for 7 years with honor. But the difference between me and "Uncle Tom" is, I have class and he doesn't! There's a difference between speaking your mind and being a complete asshole! Allen (Uncle Tom) West is an asshole! He's more than an asshole. Simply put, "he is" what Malcolm X described in his video, a sellout, house Nigger! Harsh words! Don't like it? Tough shit!

  7. 123george says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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