In The Case of Casey Anthony, Mob Rule Lost!

Casey Anthony holds hands with her defense attorney, Jose Baez, as they listen to the verdict, not guiity on murder charges, at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida.  The jury acquitted Anthony of murdering her daughter, Caylee. (AP Photo/Red Huber, Pool)

I’ve come down from my surprise perch and I’ve been able to look at the Casey Anthony case as a whole. For the record, I do think she’s is guilty, but it’s not for me to decide.  That’s a decision for the jury.  I’ve finally come to the conclusion that in the “Not Guilty” verdict, when you take emotion out of it, the decision made may or may not be the right decision, but it was the logical decision.

The media (in particular, Nancy Grace, Geraldo Rivera, Faux News) did a great job putting on a trial by media show, where they were judge, jury and executioner. Every news channel you turned to you saw little Caylee, playing like she was still alive. Playing to the emotions of the viewers. This was a reality TV producer’s buffet! I’d like to see the financial numbers for the third quarter from Time-Warner, NewsCorp and those “dish-rags” they call newspapers.

I’m reminded of the part from one of my favorite movies, “Citizen Kane”. Kane just lost the election to James W. Geddes. His confidant Jed Leland, drunk from liquor had just announced to Kane that he wanted to go to Chicago. After threatening to quit Kane relented. They gave a toast, to which, Kane announced, “A toast Jedidiah to love on my terms. As those are the only terms anybody ever knows. His own.” Kane would later fire Jed for writing a scathing review of his wife’s opening as and opera singer. Kane would finish the notice.

In spite of it all, the judicial system worked. Mob rule, or a mindless lynch mob mentality didn’t. 12 jurors made the decision, not Nancy Grace. Idiots think they can measure what justice (in an absolute sense) is. These are the same so-called “Christians” that say they believe in God and preach forgiveness and then turn around and ask for blood when it’s convenient for them ($$$).

Bottom line, the prosecution did a shitty job of presenting it’s case. You just can’t convict anyone on “circumstantial evidence”, even though there were many people in the 19th and 20th century (blacks in particular) who were convicted with “circumstantial evidence”.

There can be no doubt. You can’t second guess anything. This isn’t a football game where go all out on 4th and goal! That’s exactly the prosecution did and they lost big time! And please don’t call Jose Baez the Hispanic Johnnie Cochran! Different place, different time!

All we can do is leave a light on the front porch for Caylee and hope that she can rest in peace.


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