Smooth Jazz and More Celebrates 10 Years of Internet Radio Broadcasting!

I’m extremely proud to announce that this July, “Smooth Jazz and More” will be celebrating its 10th anniversary of broadcasting on Live365.

This is a monumental achievement, given the fact that this has been basically a hobby for me. I started this Internet radio in 2001 simply to listen to my favorite music on my computer anywhere in the world.

From its humble roots, my Internet radio station has grown to an official website, our two blogs, an official gift shop (CafePress), a podcast highlighting various music artists, and our entry into social media (Facebook, Twitter). With the help of Live365, you can now listen to “Smooth Jazz and More” on any smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone or Android) and in your car.

“Smooth Jazz and More” has been a labor of love for me, designed to advance interest in Jazz music. I intend to continue broadcasting well into the next decade for as long as we can. But it’s so very important that we get as much help as possible. Many Internet radio stations on Live365 have either shut down due to high maintenance costs (royalties, admin., etc.) or because of weaning interest due to other brand name broadcasters (Pandora, etc.).

My Internet radio station faces the prospect of shutting down everyday, but we’ve survived due to the support of our listeners by way of Live365 VIP memberships, purchases from our CafePress gift shop, and advertisements on our websites and blogs. I hope you’ll consider a Live365 VIP subscription purchasing from our other ventures. Just go to my website at and click on the VIP banner on any of the webpages.

During the month of July, I will be airing congratulatory salutations from some very special guests, as well as conducting a special contest exclusively for “Smooth Jazz and More” listeners. I hope you listen in!

I’d like to thank everyone who’ve listened to “Smooth Jazz and More” on Live365 during the last 10 years. Your support has been extremely generous to our success!


About smoothjazzandmore

I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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2 Responses to Smooth Jazz and More Celebrates 10 Years of Internet Radio Broadcasting!

  1. Congrats on 10 yrs. of Webcasting! You are now officially An Internet Broadcasting Pro. 😉

  2. Michael says:

    Congratulations on your 10 years!I've spent some time on your site and checked out the broadcasts. You've put together a portfolio for this station that rivals (if not beats) a lot of well funded, mainstream radio stations. We speak with many clients in the radio industry that are looking to create an online presence and want to get a sense of what "doing it right" looks like. I think we have one more, truly amazing example to share with your site. Good work, keep it up. Your passion is obvious!Michael GirardCommunity Engagement, Radian6

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