SoundExchange Forces Internet Radio Webcaster, "SWCast" To Shut Down

Last week, SoundExchange, the Internet arm of the Recording Industry Association of America, received help from the government in shutting down SWCast, an Internet radio webcaster, by enforcing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Citing the requirements in the DMCA, SoundExchange requested that SWCast’s bandwidth provider cut off service to the webcaster. SWCast went dark on April 17th, affecting over 100 broadcasters on their network.

According to CNET’s Greg Sandoval, the issue may be SWCast’s non-payment of royalties since 2005. SWCast owes SounceExchange $300,000, plus late fees.

SoundeExchange spokeswoman Laura Anderson commented, “this was the first time in SoundExchange’s eight-year history that it has sought to get a Webcaster booted off the Web….executives kept up a dialogue with SWCast until the operator stopped responding to their messages two years ago.”

Randall Krause, SWCast’s CEO said he couldn’t discuss the situation in detail per his attorney’s advice, but did say his company was working on a resolution with SoundExchange.

Live365, Smooth Jazz and More’s Internet broadcast provider, has reached out to webcasters left stranded by SoundExchange’s disabling of SWCast, by offering a discount to displaced webcasters.

Jason Stoddard, Live365’s Director of Broadcasting Sales commented, “While the disabling of SWCast is an unfortunate event for many webcasters, our ongoing dedication to complying with all royalty regulations means they still have a place to go.”
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