Release of Obama’s Birth Certificate Won’t Quell "Racists"!

After months of continued questions by so-called “birthers” about whether he was born in the United States, the White House released the president’s long form birth certificate in hopes to finally put to rest the issue.

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Let’s face it. There are people in the country who are still in a state of denial that that the American people voted for a black man to become President of the United States, now going on almost two and a half years. 

So what better way to legitimise his election than to throw out allegations of misconduct. When you can’t get you way, bitch and cry about it! (What are they, 12 years old?)

What makes the matter worse is the news media won’t even call these “birthers” out to debunk the allegations.  The whole matter makes Americans look incredibly stupid in the eyes of the world.

The admission of the president’s birth certificate by the White House won’t stop those who hate President Obama. They’ll do everything possible to make sure his presidency is a failure. Deep down inside, all of them are flat-out “racists” with no value or scruples!

It’s not the end, just a “time-out” so they can figure out the next controversy they can conjure up.


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