The Latest In The Long Line of Idiots…Donald Trump

Oh, my god! We got some real idiots in America, lately! What happened? Did someone let out the patients at Bellevue?

It seems like every “Tom”, “Dick” and “Harry” wants to make a complete idiot of himself! Well, add the name “Donald” to that list!

Millionare real estate mogul Donald Trump drank the “birther” kool-aid last week and questioned whether President Obama was legally born in the United States. This, in anticipation of a possible run for the Republican presidential nomination.

I have to admit that the more I hear this “birther” issue, the more I can’t help that many of these people are way out there in right field. But yet, the media, particularly right-wing media groups, still continue to cover these “crazies!”

But lets face it…unfortunately, there are much more ill-informed people in the country than there are intellectuals or even people with common sense. This “birther” topic will continue sell advertising, lots of newspapers and get people to watch instead of the more important issues, like jobs!

Half of Republicans are “birthers” and Trump will continue to play to the base, and with Trump playing the flute, more ‘children’ will follow the “Pied Piper” right out of town to certain death.

In this case, President Obama’s re-election.


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I'm a TV producer and an Internet radio broadcaster. I also write for my blogs (An Op-Ed Blog and a Football Blog) here at WordPress.
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One Response to The Latest In The Long Line of Idiots…Donald Trump

  1. sue says:

    Trump will do anything for ratings!!! Obama 2012!!!!!

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