LA Clippers’ Owner Donald Sterling Is A Piece of Shit…Plain and Simple!

The health care debate couldn’t be more plain and simple than when I came across this story on Yahoo! Sports. The story on its front pages sports headline read, “Players chip in to save coach’s life after Clippers decline medical coverage.” Read here!

As I continued reading, my blood boiled as I discovered how Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers refused to pay for former head coach Kim Hughes’ lifesaving surgery. Thankfully, four current Clippers players heard about the Hughes’ situation and chipped in to pay for the expenses.

It should be noted that Donald Sterling has been called by some, the worst owner in professional sports. Inside sources have said Sterling pays his employees, from top to bottom notoriously low salaries. His knack for being “frugal” really shows. For nearly 30 years, the Clippers have been the NBA’s “doormat”. Since moving to LA in 1985, the team had only three winning seasons. All this, while playing rent-free in an often sold-out arena in America’s second-biggest television market.

How anyone could sit there and watch someone suffer is beyond words. How anyone who can afford to do something and not do it is just inexcusable!   If you decide to go to a Clippers game this season, keep that in the back of your mind!

You’re paying for a selfish, “Piece of Shit!”


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