Learning Another Language

Upon moving to Canada in 2008, I knew that I would eventually have to learn another language. In my case, the language is French. Being that I work in Ottawa-Gatineau region, the nation’s capitol, there is a very sizable French population.

According to a recent Canadian census, 37.2% percent of Ottawa residents reportedly spoke English and French. Of that population, 14.9% percent only spoke French. Which means, there will be times when I will have to do business with someone who will not understand me, or vice-versa. 

What makes it even more of a challenge is they type of French is Quebecois French, as opposed to Parisian French. Like English-slang that is spoken mainly in the southern United States, some words in Quebecois French has completely different meanings. Since arriving, learning a different language has been a challenge, making sure every word I say is clear and precise. 

In most cases, translation services will have to utilized in order to make business move smoother. One translation company that I will be considering is “Translia”.  “Translia” is a Übersetzungsbüro (German for “translation company”) that translates all of your important documents into different languages. Their translators give quick and easy translation to any project. No email or registration required. To receive a personalized quote, simply upload your files to their website.

Eventually, I will master learning French here in Canada, but it will take time. J’espère juste que tout le monde va être patient avec moi!


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