Pranked Phone Call On Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Would Make Richard Nixon Blush!

The website “” pulled off the coup of the century, when a reporter, posing as billionaire conservative, David Koch, managed to get Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to spill the beans about his real intentions on protesters at the state capitol.

Most of the conversation between the two is downright disgusting, from talking about getting troublemakers involved to cause chaos during protests, to an exchange, in which, the Koch impostor asked: “Now what else could we do for you down there?” Walker gave a convoluted answer which, the group alleges, hinted at a request for Koch to bankroll paid media to back up Republican legislators who are under fire from labor:

The coming days and weeks and months ahead, particularly in some of these more swing areas, a lot of these guys are gonna need, they don’t necessarily need ads for them, but they’re gonna need a message out reinforcing why this was a good thing to do for the economy and a good thing to do for the state. So to the extent that that message is out over and over again, that’s obviously a good thing.

It’s enough to make Richard Nixon blush! Here’s the full conversation.

Full transcript from the Buffalo Beast website!

Which all goes to prove that when it comes to money, there’s nothing anyone would do to get what they want if they have it!


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