Is it Wise to by Prescriptions Online?

Over the last two decades, prescription drug prices in America have skyrocketed. Much of it has to do with the pharmaceutical industry’s stranglehold on drug availability.

Although the cost of manufacture a drug is relatively low, the cost of inventing a drug is relatively high. However, the United States’ high drug prices allow the U.S. pharmaceutical industry to invent a highly disproportionate share of all drugs.

Because of the high drug prices, customers frequently travel north to a Canadian pharmacy, where the cost is between 50% and 75 percent lower than in the states.

For instance, the cost to buy celebrex in the states averages about $293.32 dollars for a quantity of 90 200mg pills. In Canada, that same prescription will cost you an average of $168.32 dollars, a savings of 57% percent.

A better option for customers to by Canada drugs would be to purchase them online. Purchasing prescription drugs online is a much cheaper option, and will save the customer money on travel expenses and inconvenience with custom officials.

There is one concern, “Are the drugs you’re buying from a legitimate source?” That’s a question you should definitely be aware of if you decide to buy prescription drugs online. As with all purchases, the buyer should always be aware of what they’re purchasing. Also be aware of any legal issues when purchasing items from another country. 

In this day and age, any way to save money helps. It also helps to play safe, as well.


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