Getting Rid of Unlimited Bandwidth Packages Is Basically Licence to Steal

Within the last few weeks, the big topic in Canada has been the government overturning the CTRC’s (Canada’s version of the FCC) mandate to virtually eliminate unlimited Internet bandwidth packages and introduce “usage-based billing”. Internet company, Bell Canada, has led the charge on the new ruling.  Their position?  “…those who generate more broadband use should be billed accordingly.” The new rule would put the Internet in line with gas and electric billing.

I have a problem with that. Have you looked at your utility bill this month? I did and the pricing is insane! Currently, the average bill just for natural gas is almost $300 dollars. The average electric bill? $275 dollars!

With more usage during the winter and summer months, the electric and gas companies have essentially been given, “a licence to steal!” Customers are basically at the mercy of these companies who stand to make billions of dollars.

Usage-based, broadband billing has taken effect in the United States with companies such as Time-Warner, Verizon & Comcast. Broadband companies want to prevent consumers from downloading movies from websites like Netflix, and steer them to similar websites they run.

Bottom line, this is another money grab! “Protect their profits and, at the same time, regulate content.” With all that happening, you would think it was a country, like China, doing it. In fact, it’s good ol’ fashioned “Capitalism” working wonders for everybody!

Yeah, right!


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